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 Do what you love and help along the way.



Get clean water to every single person that needs it.

Do What You Love and Help Along the Way

Waves For Water’s philosophy is rooted in “doing what you love and helping along the way.” It’s about following your heart and plugging purpose into your passion. We encourage people to look at aid-work or humanitarianism as a lifestyle, rather than a component of doing good and giving back. It’s a paradigm shift in the way we currently think: you do what you love - sail, surf, bike, hike, etc.... and then plug in a purpose along the way. Not only does it create a very vital existence, it enhances everything you do.



Educate and equip everyday travellers with free and readily accessible water filters that can be installed for areas in need.


Maintain and carry out clean water courier programs world wide. 


Supply, install and educate all 240 villages of the Mentawai islands by 2019 with filters providing access to clean safe drinking water.


Cultivate a community of ordinary beings who are committed to pursuing what they love and helping out along the way.  


Project Purpose W4W, together with everyday travellers provide clean water filters to those in need world wide.

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Since July 2015...

Looking back to 2015, 2016 fundraising events, where over 1000 people contributed to what was truly memorable night for the community. We were unbelievably stoked with the support from our local businesses and community that turned up in support of this event! Great music, energy, people, food, art and drenched in the love from the community. Smiles all round!

Over $50,000 was raised and has since provided over 450 clean water filters to travel enthusiasts Australia wide. These filters have been taken to areas with limited access to clean, safe drinking water. Through the Project Purpose W4W program we have had Clean Water Couriers travel to countries and regions in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Africa, South America, Central America, Fiji, and Central Australia.



“simply providing clean water to those in need.”

Kain Sissions| Founder of PPW4W